Worldwide Sales Contacts

Worldwide Sales Contacts
AMETEK Surface Vision is headquartered in Hayward California near Silicon Valley, but we operate and are represented by a dedicated group of sales, marketing and engineering professionals worldwide – all of whom provide the highest quality support and can answer all your vision-related questions. They can also assist you with locating, attending or organizing a Training Class in your region.

Below is a list of key AMETEK Surface Vision representatives from each of the corners of the globe that can assist you. If you do not find a sales contact listed below for your specific location, please contact us directly.

Jason Zyglis
Americas Director of Sales (All Non-Metal Industries in the US and Latin America)
Mark Cornell
Americas Director of Sales (Metals Industry in the US and Latin America)

Francois Levac
Americas Regional Sales Manager, Canada

Denis Frier
Europe Sales Account Manager

Shu Hau Wang
Asia Pacific Sales Account Manager

Satoshi Suzuki
Japan Sales Account Manager

Martin Kim
Asia Pacific Sales Account Manager

Claudius Koldau
Asia Pacific Sales Account Manager