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Our Partners

We are proud to partner with industry-leading organisations to deliver industry-leading systems to increase efficiency, streamline operations, improve product quality and reduce costs and waste in industrial processes.

Our Partners


AMETEK Surface Vision is a member of the Quality Alliance, a modern network of highly technological corporations from around the world whose business it is to develop and supply high-quality systems and solutions for quality assurance and quality control to the international steel and aluminum industry.

Network Partners:

With continuous information exchange and coordinated interfaces, protocols and philosophies, the Quality Alliance generates additional benefits for our customers.

Frequently organized workshops about the latest developments within the steel industry assure advanced technological information for all participating companies. Together we are the most influential ecosystem of solutions and partners focused on the common goal of cooperation, joint developments and technological solutions pushing the boundaries and future to meet the quality needs of the international steel and aluminum industry.



SPECMETRIX, Technology by Sensory Analytics 

For over a decade, Sensory Analytics has been solely focused on acquiring and delivering previously unattainable process control and coating quality data to support global manufacturing leaders.

SpecMetrix® systems by Sensory Analytics deliver a transformative technology for real-time coating thickness and film layer measurement. Their solutions help global manufacturers measure the absolute thickness of their applied wet or dry coatings or coating layers—in-process or offline—down to sub-micron levels.

All their systems are flexible for use in virtually any manufacturing environment. They provide coating thickness data of unprecedented accuracy—helping manufacturers reduce costs by optimizing coating process control and product quality. Their systems are easily configured to measure webs, coils, flat sheets, small samples or finished parts.

Find out more about SpecMetrix here.