Glass Industry
AMETEK Surface Vision has become the most trusted inspection system worldwide. With more installations on more lines, AMETEK Surface Vision systems are relied upon by manufactures around the world for web and surface inspection. For many of them, we are the de-facto standard for on-line defect detection, identification and imaging.

Only AMETEK Surface Vision Glass systems provide advanced inspection technology ensuring superior real-time detection of all glass defects, while our special inspection software can easily be configured to provide unparalleled, automatic identification and visualization of your defects.

Real-time inspection enables faster process correction and better yield optimization.

Our Value

AMETEK Surface Vision systems provide more value to users than any other surface inspection system. Our systems:

  • Maximize yield
  • Detect, identify, and visualize defects before value added processes
  • Reduce the need for manual inspections
  • Provide the reports you need in a form you can use

We have been successfully inspecting surfaces for almost two decades. In fact, AMETEK Surface Vision systems inspect over 3 billion square meters of materials every day! We have customers on all continents, and more customers worldwide than anyone else in the industry. More companies guarantee their quality with AMETEK Surface Vision systems than any other inspection system.

Our Detection

The AMETEK Surface Vision Glass system is highly modular, allowing the use of appropriate technology for your application using standard system components. We install appropriate light and camera configurations for each line. Our standard lighting components are configured to detect glass defects in a way that they can be easily classified and identified. AMETEK Surface Vision offers the most comprehensive selection of lighting solutions in the industry. For example, the use of LED collimated light allows us to employ our exclusive synchronized-view technology with two sets of cameras looking into the surface from different angles. This means that we can detect your defects in both transmission and reflection and use the combined information to identify the important defects and ignore the rest. Defects like tin can be reliably detected and classified, while the numerous dust and dirt that accumulates on the surface can be ignored. In addition, our collection of thresholding algorithms can be optimized for your particular requirements, all performing on-line in real time. You never have to wait for results.

Example Defects Found by AMETEK Surface Vision Glass Systems:



Tin Drip - Hot End
Zebra Distortion

Filament Ream Tin Drip (hot end) Zebra Distortion

Typical Defects Found by AMETEK Surface Vision Glass Systems:
  • Tin Drip (Hot End)
  • Tin Drip (Cold End)
  • Tin Pickup
  • Ream
  • Bubbles

  • Scratches
  • Stones
  • Zebra Distortion
  • Coating voids
  • Coating Streaks

  • Edge Cracks
  • Chips
  • Inclusions
  • Foreign objects

Our Classification

The SmartLearn® multi-step classifier is a patented classification tool set for AMETEK Surface Vision Glass inspection systems. SmartLearn provides the flexibility to implement classification schemes tailored to your particular process and requirements. The advanced SmartLearn architecture allows the use of various learning classifiers. Combining automatic learning classification with expert knowledge, SmartLearn maximizes the potential of your inspection system for improved product quality, higher production yield, and decreased customer returns. SmartLearn easily differentiates glass defects like bubbles, stones, top tin, bottom tin, ream, and zebra distortions while filtering dirt and waves. All this can be done by merely collecting samples of the defects and allowing SmartLearn to determine the best way to differentiate them.

Classification Examples:

Thresholded Bubble
Classified Bubble
Bubble Thresholded Bubble Classified Bubble

Our Through-Process Visibility

The Windows®-based AMETEK Surface VisionGlass system, connected to your mill network, provides information for mill-wide users, from the manufacturing floor to the front office. Our Glass systems use industry standards like OPC and ODBC to ensure easy integration with other plant, business, production, and quality systems. A real-time operator interface shows current inspection results on-line in real time. The Open Network Inspection Viewer, distributed across the plant network, enables any user to view current or historical inspection results remotely from any step in production. Using our open communications interfaces, we can connect to the marker bridge for marking defects, the cutting bridge for cutting the glass into panes and the allocation system for determining where to cut and what to discard.

On-Line Users

Each user performs a different function within the plant and needs job-specific information. The user interface of the AMETEK Surface Vision Glass inspection system is easily configured so that operators, inspectors, process engineers and production managers have the information they need at their fingertips when they need it and in the format that they want.