Pickling Line

Pickling Line Applications

Improve your pickling line speed and surface quality with early detection, classification and reporting of defects

Gain access to new customers and increase your line speeds, with an immediate ROI in less than 12 months with the SmartView® pickling line solution. Using patented inspection and classification technology, combined with extensive pickle defect libraries, state-of-the-art lighting, and camera configurations, our highly modular solution uses standard system components to provide reliable top and bottom laboratory type inspection in even the most demanding environments – including hot mills, cold rolling mills, and other types of pickling processing lines.

Save valuable time, boost production efficiency, and gain faster line speeds through automated, not manual, surface inspection. Instantly and reliably detect and classify your defects from head to tail with SmartView.

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Easy-to-Use Interface with 100% Operator Control

With SmartView, the operator controls the user interface, and can assign colors to different defect classes. With intuitive drop-down menus and customizable windows, operators can precisely narrow down results to just those defects of interest. 

"Anyone can use the SmartView system without previous experience. From day one, the operator is getting the performance and results that he needs to run the line faster with confidence.“
— Mike Estes, Steel Technologies Ghent Pickling facility

        SmartView Pickling Line GUI 

100% Seamless Process Integration

The SmartView solution is a Windows®-based system that is easy-to-learn and operator friendly. Within hours of installation and set-up you'll start seeing results. Since the solution is highly modular and uses standard system components, you can use SmartView's algorithms to optimize your solution to your particular surface and quality requirements. The SmartView pickling line solution enables your plant operators to become "vision pros" – allowing them to command more control on their production lines by pinpointing their defects on the web in real time. Inspect your material at multiple stages of the manufacturing process to ensure your product meets the rigorous quality standards demanded by your end customers with minimal waste. With customizable user interfaces and reports, you can maximize your results from the factory floor to the front office with the SmartView pickling line solution.
        SmartView Pickling Line Operator


50% Smaller Footprint

SmartView Pickling Line Install       The SmartView solution provides you unsurpassed image quality in half the amount of space required by other solutions by incorporating just the right amount of state-of-the-art cameras and high intensity LED lights specific to your pickling line. Why settle for dimmer and less effective Infrared lighting, as seen in other alternative solutions, when our SmartView solution provides more contrast and more reliable defect detection hands down? Reduce your camera count, improve detection, and simplify your system installation and maintenance with SmartView today!

SmartView Value for Pickling Lines

30% faster pickling line speeds with reduced waste and increased yields
100% operator control with faster reaction of processing faults in real time via monitoring
50% smaller footprint with greater accuracy, flexible placement, and easy install and access
100% seamless process integration with measurable results in less than 24-hours
12 month or less ROI
24/7 unmatched product and technical support and on-site training

AMETEK Surface Vision continues our commitment to the Metal Service Center market through our efforts to build turn-key surface inspection solutions for both pickling line and slitting line processes. To learn more about our SmartView pickling line solution, contact one of our product experts to request a quote or personalized demo.

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