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Steel Converting
Steel sheets and coils are commonly cut into smaller sizes for transport or for specific applications. This trimming or slitting can damage the surface or edges of the metal.

Cutting steel creates new edges, possibly with imperfections which could cause damage to later process stages. If undetected, they may result in substandard product reaching the customer.

Monitoring the steel at each of the conversion stages helps detect any edge or surface defects at an early stage. This supports quality, process efficiency, and prevents the shipping of defective metal.

With extensive experience in the steel industry, AMETEK Surface Vision delivers innovative edge monitoring solutions for metal cutting applications. These are supported by trusted surface inspection systems for high-quality products.
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    • Steel Blanking

      Blanking lines are used to create shaped steel pieces ready for use in automotive and other fabrication applications. Inspection of the blank ensures defects are not introduced during this conversion process.

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    • Steel Cut to Length
      Cut to Length

      Any cutting of metal sheets has the potential to damage the edges. To detect any flaws created by cutting, accurate inspection of the entire surface, including the edges, is required.

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    • Steel Inspection

      Inspection of the finished product ensures that substandard product is not sent out to customers. Automated inspection systems are more precise than manual methods, and provide a record for later checking.

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    • Aluminium Extrusion - Billet

      Coiled steel sheets are run through a high-speed slitter, where circular blades are used to divide the sheet into narrower coils of widths that meet required specifications.

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    • Steel Trimming

      Edge trimming is intended to remove impurities and defects from the edge of the metal strips. AMETEK Surface Vision’s system monitors the metal edge to ensure defect removal.

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