AMETEK Surface Vision Showcases Online Web Inspection and Web Break Monitoring at Japan TAPPI 2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

AMETEK Surface Vision, a world leader in automated online surface inspection solutions, will demonstrate its online web inspection and web break monitoring systems at Japan TAPPI 2018, October 4-5, in Saitama’s Sonic City Hall, Japan.

Delegates visiting Surface Vision’s booth will have an opportunity to view the SmartView® and SmartAdvisor® vision solutions for the paper industry in action.  These solutions have helped paper manufacturers certify product quality and significantly increase yield from the paper machine through finishing.

SmartView®, a modular, scalable system developed in partnership with AMETEK Surface Vision’s paper and pulp customers, marks its 20th year of continuous global use inspecting various grades of paper and tissue. SmartView® combines advanced hardware with powerful software to deliver measurable results from an automated, real-time inspection and monitoring solution.

SmartAdvisor® is a simple, reliable web monitoring solution that identifies and resolves root causes of process upsets and web breaks. It uses patented camera synchronization technology to deliver high-quality outcomes, helping to maximize machine efficiency and increase yield rates.

“Our products are trusted and relied upon by almost every major paper producer in the world,” comments Satoshi Suzuki, Director of Sales Japan, at AMETEK Surface Vision. “With our years of market experience, we know the right combination of lighting, cameras and other hardware for every paper process line, as well as the best detection, classification and visualization software to use."

“Our advanced inspection technology ensures real-time detection of all paper defects, at full mill speeds, while our software is easily configured to provide unmatched, automatic identification and visualization of surface imperfections. We’re looking forward to showing the benefits of our systems to visitors at Japan TAPPI 2018.”

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