Slit Inspection

VisionGear Slit Inspection Solution

Automatic surface quality inspection for slitter lines with measurable ROI in less than 12 months

Looking for a simple, yet effective solution that can boost your product quality, lower your customer claims and still keep your line running at full production speeds?

Manual inspection methods and substandard surveillance systems can’t keep up with the increased quality demands being placed on manufacturers and metal service centers. Let AMETEK Surface Vision, the leading supplier of surface vision solutions, step in and take your quality to the next level with the VisionGear® Slit Inspection (VGSI) solution.

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        Uncover all the operational benefits you can achieve from using the VisionGear® Slit Inspection (VGSI) solution, and register here to download a copy of our 2016 Kloeckner Results Report to see how we’re helping metals service centers, like you, gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Just select "VGSI Kloeckner Results Report" in the pull-down menu under "What products are you interested in?" on the registration form to receive your copy.

Get an industrial-grade, surface inspection solution that can accurately detect and classify surface defects without all the complexities – all with a quick start up and easy-to-use configuration that can get you up-and-running in one week with an ROI in less than 12 months.
     Vision Gear Slit Inspection

VisionGear Slit Inspection (VGSI) User Benefits

Achieve 100% inspection at full processing speeds with reduced waste and increased yields 
Gain 100% visibility to in-process slit quality with full operator control and improved safety
Receive 100% consistent data records and reporting for use in supply chain management or customer QA that can be shared and archived for claim resolution
Capture accurate classification results and grading that provides precise reporting per mult
Obtain instantaneous alarming and notification for immediate operator action, reducing the need for recoiling and material downgrades
Guarantee fast start up with optional recipe management services 

Real-time feedback has never been easier using the VisionGear Slit Inspection (VGSI) solution. Using patented inspection and classification technology, combined with extensive custom defect libraries, state-of-the-art lighting and camera configurations, this unique solution will help you exceed your customer’s expectations and give you the edge you need in this competitive marketplace.

See what our customer's are saying about the VGSI solution. Click on the Modern Metals Magazine article on the right to learn more about how Kloeckner Metals is using the solution to solve their quality challenges.

“[The VGSI Solution] is a photographic system that can see defects down to 1/10,000 of an inch on both the top and bottom surface… this is the first such installation in the service center industry. It will really allow us to be able to run this equipment at high speed and still be able to detect defects that are actually smaller than what a human eye would see.” 
     – Russ Delaney, President, Kloeckner Metals' Flat Rolled Group

      Modern Metals

Read about the VGSI solution in Modern Metals Magazine.

VisionGear Slit Inspection (VGSI) Operational Benefits

Ease of Setup: Operator selects pre-configured recipe by metal grade, for each production run 
Detection: Defects in each slit are reliably detected at speeds exceeding 1,000 FPM, enabling the line operator to run the slitter at higher speeds and increase slitter throughput
Classification: Reliably classify detected defects with a combination of rule-based and automated methods
Coil and Slit Mapping: Inspection performed per slit/coil to ensure accurate mapping of defects to the correct mult
Coil and Slit Grading: Grading performed per coil or per mult. Defect data available for grading per mult
Coil and Slit Reporting: Web-based reports available per coil/mult. Defect and gauging measurements available per mult

Why risk customer quality by waiting for a coil to be loaded for processing and observing surface irregularities after the fact? With the VisionGear Slit Inspection (VGSI) solution, every coil/slit can now have a reliable surface inspection result that will not only boost your material quality, but raise your end customer’s confidence as well. Learn how our VGSI solution can improve your production efficiencies by requesting more information today!