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SmartAdvisor® - Edge Monitoring

SmartAdvisor - Edge Monitoring
SmartAdvisor® Edge Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of trimmed material edges in a processing line
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    An advanced edge cross-section monitoring system, Edge Monitoring enables both trimmed material edges in a processing line to be monitored for anomalies.

    Detecting edge defects such as cut-to-break ratios and burrs is critical for quality control purposes and to avoid any issues in the subsequent processing line.

    Edge Monitoring magnifies, captures, stores and visualizes high-resolution edge images at full production speed, delivering a continuous, smooth video stream. Images are processed for analysis, enabling the operator to see subtle changes in the cut edge.

    Specifically developed for the metals industry, SmartAdvisor Edge Monitoring is suitable for applications in the aluminum, copper, steel and plastics industries.

    SmartAdvisor® Edge Monitoring is continuously capturing the edge of the material even when a user is reviewing previously captured video.
    SmartAdvisor Edge Monitoring provides a second to second view of the material as it is being processed, allowing operators to take quick action to correct problems.
    A diverse range of SmartAdvisor solutions provide customizable systems to fit individual production and quality requirements. This ensures the most capable, cost-effective installation is available for each user.
    SmartAdvisor® Edge Monitoring is AMETEK Surface Vision’s continuous monitoring solution for trimmed material edges – Find out more by contacting us.

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