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SmartAdvisor® - Surface Monitoring

SmartAdvisor - Surface Monitoring
SmartAdvisor’s camera synchronization technology provides surface monitoring and analysis for continuous production processes.
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    Using high-speed cameras, perfectly synchronized, SmartAdvisor® Surface Monitoring simplifies the monitoring and analysis of surface images.

    SmartAdvisor - Defect MapBy unifying the images from multiple cameras, the system delivers a comprehensive monitoring and inspection solution across the process, not only detecting defects but establishing root causes.

    Combining strategically placed cameras along the process with patented software, SmartAdvisor Surface Monitoring accurately synchronizes video frames from each camera to generate a complete system overview showing the cause and effect of surface defects.

    Designed to provide video monitoring for surface inspection to manufacturers worldwide, SmartAdvisor is used across a range of industries, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens.

    SmartAdvisor Surface Monitoring delivers 100% operator control over the monitoring process, and eliminates the need for up-close manual inspection. Providing accurate surface monitoring while keeping personnel away from the production process reduces safety risks.


    With instantaneous alarms and notifications to alert operators to take immediate action, defect detection can be dealt with quickly. This reduces waste product and increases process efficiency.


    Synchronization between the cameras and the process enable defects to be accurately tracked to their source within a fraction of a second at any line location. This supports rapid troubleshooting.
    SmartAdvisor® Surface Monitoring is AMETEK Surface Vision’s video system for real-time surface monitoring and review – Find out more by contacting us.

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