SmartAdvisor® Systems


SmartAdvisor is a simple and reliable web monitoring and inspection solution for today’s hands-on problem solver 

Maximize your machine efficiency and yield rates by using SmartAdvisor® to identify and resolve the root cause of process upsets. The SmartAdvisor solution provides patented camera synchronization technology that allow you to acquire and store video images and software productivity tools that simplify the search and analysis of these images across a continuous and/or roll-to-roll production process.

See Immediate Productivity Benefits within Weeks
You can realize significant operational benefits within weeks of start-up of SmartAdvisor:

  • An increase in machine speeds by up to 10%
  • A decrease in material breaks of up to 50%
  • Reduction in video search time by over 50%

Patented Technology that Delivers High-Quality Outcomes on Your Line
Using AMETEK’s SmartAdvisor patented camera synchronization technology you can:
  • Easily capture high-resolution images by one or more cameras at one or more locations along a production line or web process simultaneously
  • Collect, identify and use video analysis software tools to troubleshoot, analyze and take immediate action
Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface that Increases Your Productivity
SmartAdvisor’s convenient one-screen display allows you to review quality issues on multiple cameras at once, saving valuable analysis time and helping you get to the root cause even faster. Below is an example of a complete process visualization using multiple cameras on a production line.

                    SmartAdvisor 5-View Multiviewer 
                     SmartAdvisor's 5-View Multiviewer
(Click to Enlarge)
Powerful Classification Tools to Help You Solve Problems
AMETEK Surface Vision uses industry-leading inspection and classification algorithms backed by over 20 years of engineering experience. To help harness the power of these algorithms to get the precision and accuracy you need, we have equipped SmartAdvisor with a Rules Based Classifier (RBC) that enables you to:
  • Quickly and easily build a rule set for classifying defects (such as a wrinkle, hole, or glue)
  • Allow both novice and expert users to efficiently walk through the classification process step-by-step without requiring any programming skills whatsoever to get the precision and accuracy you need
Choose the Right Solution to Fit Your Specific Quality and Environmental Requirements
We realize that one solution configuration does not fit all production processes. We offer a diverse of SmartAdvisor solutions to fit your production and quality needs. 
  • SmartAdvisor Rack-Based Solution: ideal for large-scale deployments where six or more cameras are installed across multiple process locations
  • SmartAdvisor® SmartNet™ Solution: a fully scalable solution that enables you to scale from one to up twelve units on the same line without introducing a new infrastructure or limiting feature options; click here for more information
  • SmartAdvisor Sync Solution: integrate the flexible, multi-position camera synchronization and matrix technology of SmartAdvisor, with the advanced defect classification and linescan technology of AMETEK Surface Vision’s SmartView system.
  • Standard and Premium Software Levels: choose between standard web monitoring and inspection features to fully optimize every camera position across the production line. 

Software Packages

Standard Monitoring License
  • Basic web monitoring functionality
  • Patented camera synchronization technology 
  • New SteadyStream™ File Storage Technology
Premium Software License 
Includes all of the Standard Monitoring License features PLUS:
  • Detection and classification functionality 
  • New expanded analytics and video search features
  • Rules based classification editor
Premium License Feature Highlight: Defect Map and Rules-Based Classifier

                     SmartAdvisor Video Review + Defect Map
                    Highly intuitive and easy-to-understand
GUI provides operators a simple visual
of process video and defect maps
(Click to Enlarge)
With the Premium License, you can quickly identify, classify and/or store images of select defects on a Web. One of the Premium features is the Defect Map which allows you to:
  • Concurrently view images and use the detection and classification tools within the same environment
  • Synchronize and color-code each defect to better understand the situation and take corrective action immediately    

SmartAdvisor Rules Editor
Simple web-based interface to
quickly and easily build a rule set
for classifying defects
(Click to Enlarge)
The new Rules Based Classifier allows you to: 
  • Quickly and easily build a rule set for classifying defects using a simple web-based graphical user interface

Why SmartAdvisor? – Features, Benefits, Advantages and Results

To view an in-depth benefit, advantage and results summary of SmartAdvisor's advanced features such as its Rules-Based Classifier, SmartTags, SteadyStreamTM File Storage Technology, H.264, Dual Output Pulse Master functionality and more, click here.

Software Levels and Options

    Software Features      Standard      Premium     
     Monitoring and Event Capture       X      X    
     Video History and Review      X      X    
     Camera Wizard and Configuration      X      X    
     Integrated Diagnostic Display      X      X    
     System Power and Temperature Monitoring      X      X    
     High Speed Binning      X      X    
     Automatic Capture Stop and Start      X      X    
     Adaptive Video Compression for Fixed Buffer Side      X      X    
     SteadyStream File Storage Technology       X      X    
     Event Video Export (MPEG-4)      X      X    
     Pixel based Detection            X    
     Machine Element Matching            X    
     Repeating Defect Detection            X    
     Standard Defect Map with SmartTags            X    
     Rules-Based Classifier            X    
     Web Reporting      *      X    
     Roll Radius (video search)      *      *    
     Production Unit Identifier (video search)      *      *    

*: These features are available as an add-on option for an additional cost.

Optional Software Add-On Functionality for Standard and Premium License Users

Product Roll Radius and Production Unit Identifier help you use metadata information to locate target video frames within the buffer. These features are available as an add-on option for Standard and Premium License users for an additional cost.

Power of One – Unified Vision Platform

A unified vision platform combines the power of SmartView® classification with the flexible web monitoring and root cause analysis technology of SmartAdvisor®. SmartView’s advanced classification can be configured to trigger an event capture across multiple views/data points across the production line. The results allow you to rapidly analyze and determine the root cause of a defect/process upset and take corrective action.

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