SmartAdvisor Upgrade Offer

The industry’s leading video monitoring and surface inspection system just got better with a major value-added upgrade path for existing customers!

SmartAdvisor Upgrade       SmartAdvisor® 5.1.0 delivers the most reliable web monitoring and inspection solution that operators can depend on for maximum system uptime and process analysis. For those who currently operate a SmartAdvisor system in their manufacturing facility, AMETEK Surface Vision is offering an upgrade option that can greatly expand on your system’s capabilities and feature set. 

These features are specifically aimed at today’s hands-on problem solver who demands the most reliable web monitoring and inspection solution for maximum system uptime and process analysis.

Our Latest enhancements include:

  • SteadyStream™ File Storage Technology provides smoother playback for live video and ensures maximum system operation in the rare instance where the storage media experiences misoperation.
  • You can now configure SmartAdvisor to inspect and classify defects with over 100 unique features by using its easy-to- use Rules-based Classifier
  • Roll Radius and Production Unit identifier allow you to search the video buffer faster, so you can spend more time doing analysis and identifying root cause.

SmartAdvisor continues to deliver the value-add that you expect from an industry-leading web monitoring and inspection solution:

  • Optimize the paper making process from the wet-end to the dry-end through converting
  • Reduce sheet breaks by up to 40-50%
  • Detect and classify defects in the web
  • Increase machine/production speeds by 5-10%

The components required for the upgrade will depend on your current system configuration. To learn more and discover how you can take your material quality to the next level, fill out our General Contact form for more information or Request a Quote form to get a customized quote.

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