SmartLearn Multi-Step Classification

Smart Learn
SmartLearn classification is the next-generation classifier system available on SmartView® inspection systems. This patented multi-step classification technology enables faster startups and accurate real-time product quality assessment.

It has long been known that one single classifier cannot be optimum for every material, every process, and every production line. Furthermore, learning classifiers alone do not provide the best results. The ability to add expert knowledge to the system significantly improves the classification results. SmartLearn classification was designed such that the latest learning classification technology can be combined with expert knowledge of each application.

Instead of relying solely on traditional, expert-defined or learning classification, SmartLearn incorporates three distinct classification steps:

  • Preclassification – SmartLearn prelearn classifier enables you to use the expert knowledge to filter out noncritical defects or classify easily distinguishable defects. This reduces startup time and gives you immediate results.
  • Learning classification – SmartLearn classification features a number of optional learning classifiers for classifying even the most complex defects. This flexible architecture enables you to choose the learning classifier that best matches the particular inspection challenges of your application.
  • Postclassification – A postlearn classifier allows you to fine-tune classification results into specific types of defect subclasses based on any characteristics of the defect. This allows easy and reliable separation of defects that are similar but have different severities.
By incorporating a three-step approach, SmartLearn classification makes startups faster than ever. It gives you the everyday advantage of unsurpassed accuracy and real-time classification at any production speed.
  • Combines automatic learning classification with expert knowledge
  • Choice of application-driven learning classifiers
  • Easy drag-and-drop defect library management
  • Simplified classification setup and maintenance
  • Real-time classification performance