SmartView Streaming Video

SmartView Streaming Video provides unsurpassed visibility into the quality and appearance of a strip surface in real time. It provides a full-width, full-resolution image of the coil surface as it is being produced and records the entire coil for future viewing. Display tools like zoom, pause, rewind, slow motion, and fast forward allow further detailed viewing of any location in the coil. Continuous video display of both sides of the entire strip provides easy visual verification of the overall quality and appearance of the metal surface. Any process changes or production problems affecting the quality of the coil surface can be detected quickly and corrective action can be taken immediately. By viewing even the tiniest details of the surface, operators can determine the real cause of any problems and prevent quality problems before they become meaningful. Actions taken based on this immediately improve quality and prevent post-processing of out-of-spec material.
SmartView Streaming Video

SmartView Streaming Video extends the powerful surface inspection and quality monitoring functionality of the SmartView Web and Surface Inspection system to a new level. It displays and records the actual continuous image being analyzed by the SmartView Web and Surface Inspection system. Tight integration of the Streaming Video functionality to the Surface Inspection System enables defects to be bookmarked into the recorded video for easy location. External process signals can also be automatically bookmarked and operators can also add their own bookmarks on-line. All this creates a visual record of the coil and process conditions during production that can be used for future reference and analysis. Recording surface and process conditions and debugging problems in real-time has never been this easy.

  • Real-time visibility of surface appearance
  • High resolution view of any spot on the strip
  • Full resolution imaging of entire coil
  • Virtual recoiling of any coil
  • Visual verification of surface quality