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SmartLearn Multi-step Classification

SmartLearn is the next-generation multi-step classifier designed to seamlessly integrate with SmartView® inspection systems.
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    Combining expert applications knowledge with the latest learning technology, SmartLearn works smoothly as part of a SmartView® inspection system to provide an advanced classification solution.

    SmartLearn Multi-step ClassificationSmartLearn’s patented multi-step classification technology enables faster start-ups, delivering unsurpassed accuracy in filtering out non-critical defects and classifying easily distinguishable defects, with real-time results at any production speed.

    The software’s three-step approach first uses expert knowledge to decide which defects are non-critical, then introduces a number of optional learning classifiers. ‘Post-learning’ classification then allows easy, reliable fine-tuning for similar defects of differing severity.

    Combining automatic learning classification with expert knowledge, SmartLearn is specifically designed to work alongside SmartView inspection systems in a variety of industries, including paperaluminum, copper, steel, plastics and nonwovens.

    Instead of relying solely on traditional expert-defined or learning classification methods, SmartLearn unites both in three distinct steps that produce immediate results. 
    SmartLearn’s flexible architecture enables selection of the learning classifier that best matches the particular inspection challenges of an application, providing a customizable, tailored solution.
    SmartLearn is easy to configure and maintain, with a drag-and-drop defect library management system and choice of automatic learning classifiers.

    SmartLearn is AMETEK Surface Vision’s multi-step classification system for product quality assessment – Find out more by contacting us.