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Experts in surface inspection systems for more than 30 years, AMETEK Surface Vision created the field of surface inspection with the very first digital camera-based design. 

Today, we remain the world leader in developing automated inspection and monitoring technology and we are trusted and relied upon by industries around the globe. Our highly experienced engineering team continues to develop the solutions industries demand to improve quality, increase productivity and deliver defect-free products.
  • Steel

    A high proportion of steel is continuously cast and rolled into flat plate or strip which is finish rolled or coated for applications requiring a high-quality surface finish typified by the automotive industry

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  • Aluminium

    AMETEK Surface Vision provides inspection systems that are relied upon by major flat-rolled metal products producers around the world. Many key applications in the industry depend on our solutions for quality control.

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  • Battery Separators and Electrode Material

    AMETEK Surface Vision’s surface inspection systems overcome the challenges of the battery production process to deliver reliable, highly sensitive defect inspection, with streaming high-definition video that allows re-inspection without re-coiling.

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  • Copper

    With tried and tested surface inspection solutions and an innovative system for edge monitoring, AMETEK Surface Vision delivers optimized products for quality control in copper production.

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  • Paper

    We understand the unique complexities of paper web inspection. AMETEK Surface Vision has the expertise and knowledge to create optimized, customized solutions for individual paper process lines.

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  • Plastics

    From clear films to opaque plastic sheets, our systems provide defect detection and analysis for the quality product the plastics industries demand, across a range of plastic and film grades.

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  • Nonwovens

    Our systems inspect more than one billion square meters of nonwovens every day. See solutions for online detection, identification and visualization of nonwoven defects.

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