Nonwoven fabrics are laminated by chemical, mechanical, solvent or hot glues. This requires rapid and accurate surface inspection to ensure high quality products are created with minimal waste.

Nonwoven production often relies on bonding multiple layers together, so an undetected defect in a single layer can affect production quality, making high-precision detection essential.

Our automated, non-contact inspection systems provide a solution for a wide variety of nonwoven applications. This includes everything from clothing and furniture to agricultural and industrial use.

Relied upon by major rolling goods producers around the world, AMETEK Surface Vision provides the most trusted web inspection systems for nonwovens. Our solutions have become the standard in online defect detection.
  • Nonwovens Agricultural

    Nonwovens play an increasingly important role in agriculture, thanks to their custom-fit approach. They offer strong advantages in heat and water control, requiring precise surface quality control.

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  • Nonwovens Apparel

    Some of the most prevalent uses for nonwovens are for clothes, gloves, shoe components, industrial garments, and protective clothing. Surface quality is important for both cosmetic and performance reasons.

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  • Nonwovens Automotive

    Dozens of automotive parts are made from nonwovens, from interior fabrics to air and fuel filters. High-quality surfaces contribute to safer, more attractive, longer-lasting cars.

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  • Nonwovens Construction

    Roofing and construction applications provide a large market for nonwovens, delivering diverse, innovative solutions for energy efficiency, moisture control, and lightweight roof coverage.

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  • Nonwovens Filtration

    Nonwovens can be custom-manufactured precisely to meet specific filtration requirements for air, liquid, bacteria, dust, gas and other substances. This flexibility is increasingly making nonwovens the leading choice for this application.

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  • Nonwovens Furniture

    Nonwovens are commonly used on the undersides of chairs and sofas, and as a protective sheet on springs. They are also utilized in bedding and furnishings, requiring a high-quality surface finish.

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  • Nonwovens Geotextiles

    Nonwovens can be used to create textile structures for various underground construction applications. This includes soil filtration, separation and stabilization in road/rail construction, and prevention of soil movement.

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  • Nonwovens Healthcare

    The ability to filter out bacterial and viral infection makes nonwovens essential in the healthcare sector. Commonly used for garments such as surgical gowns and masks, as well as dressings, drapes and filtration materials.

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  • Nonwovens Hygiene

    The versatility, relatively low production costs and infection prevention capabilities of nonwovens make them increasingly prominent for applications including diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene.

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  • Nonwovens Industrial/Household

    Nonwovens offer a wide range of industrial and household uses, providing floor and wall coverings, protective industrial garments, bags, safety curtains, and heating/insulation solutions.

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  • Nonwovens Wipes

    Nonwovens provide a variety of materials with the soft, absorbent qualities required for different wipes. Used wet or dry, ingredients can be added for specific purposes such as polishing or anti-bacterial wipes.

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