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Steel is a versatile and widely used metal in many construction applications. It can be provided in a range of formats from sheets and coils to bars, rods and specialized profiles.

The world’s primary construction material, steel is available in more than 3,500 different grades, with diverse mechanical properties. This makes it suitable for many different applications.

While it is chiefly used in construction, steel is also supplied to the transport and energy sectors, and can be used in packaging and appliance construction. 

AMETEK Surface Vision has the applications experience to deliver an accurate, effective solution for a range of steel products. Our long-standing expertise in the metals industry means we can provide customized equipment for a trusted solution to your individual process.
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    • Steel Rail Bar Beams
      Rail, Bar, Beams

      These are key materials for construction and transport projects and often require a high standard of surface quality. An inspection system which can expertly monitor these multi-plane surfaces is essential.

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