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Remote Training

AMETEK Surface Vision Remote Training
Remote instructor-led training for SmartView® systems is conducted online by highly skilled professionals, experienced in both the product and customer applications. It’s delivered remotely and can be attended from a home or office space.

Our focused online training is broken down into sections for specific job functions or system components. In addition to the “virtual classroom”, we’ve developed a series of self-learning labs that use a “live” training system to reinforce the material and focus on specific customer tasks.

Online training systems are used to practice the knowledge gained on a real inspection system.

Remote SmartView® Fundamentals Training

Who should attend?

  • Anyone responsible for the SmartView inspection system, who should be  able to do first-level fault-finding, setup recipe with basic defect detection and classification.
  • Anyone responsible for maintaining, optimizing, or using the information generated by the vision systems.
  • New system administrators with little or no knowledge of SmartView

AMETEK Surface Vision Remote SmartView® Fundamentals Training Brochure (EN)Training topics:

  • What is a surface inspection system?
  • Basic functions of the SmartView inspection system
  • Major components of a SmartView inspection system and typical interconnections with plant systems
  • Understanding the key SmartView software applications
  • Start/stop inspections and using the tools available on the SmartView Console application
  • Setting up a basic recipe (grades/classes)
  • Setting up basic defect detection
  • Setting up basic defect classification
  • Using object filters
  • Setting up and using the flexible reporting tools
  • Identifying a faulty camera signal
  • Basic fault-finding

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Remote SmartView® Advanced Training

Who should attend?

  • Anyone with a good basic understanding of SmartView who is looking to improve knowledge to develop recipes, optimize detection, classification, etc.
  • Anyone who is actively involved in setting up defect detection and classification for a variety of products produced on their production line, product recipes, detection limits and thresholds, defect classifiers and other setup and administrative tasks.

AMETEK Surface Vision Remote SmartView® Advanced Training (EN)Training topics:

  • Raw camera signal optimization
  • Set-up web edge tracking troubleshooting
  • Camera signal normalization
  • Thresholding algorithms (standard)
  • Using colormap tool to simulate  thresholds
  • Set-up adaptive thresholding
  • How to use the pixel filter
  • Defect connectivity
  • Knowing when to make a new recipe
  • Synchronized view processing
  • Building defect libraries
  • Building a learning classifier (rules, decision tree)
  • Adding and removing defect samples
  • Adding a new type of defect class
  • Merging defects with extended  connectivity
  • Long defect handling
  • How to use grayscale binning
  • Multi-view defects (view-to-view correlation)
  • Testing classifier changes against previous inspection

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Remote SmartView® Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training

Who should attend?

  • Anyone responsible for the troubleshooting of the SmartView inspection  system, who should be able to do first-level fault-finding.
  • Anyone responsible for the maintenance of the SmartView inspection system.

AMETEK Surface Vision Remote SmartView® Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training (EN)Training topics:

  • What preventive maintenance is required to keep your inspection system in good condition
  • How to analyze the camera signal
  • How to perform a camera alignment
  • What to do and check first if system not working
  • What data to prepare in case you need support from AMETEK Surface Vision
  • How to reboot a system
  • How to replace a camera
  • How to replace an SPU
  • How to back-up a system
  • How to restore your system setup
  • Assuring operation of Compact LED light source

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Remote Advanced Winder Advisor (AWA) Training

Who should attend? 
Anyone who is actively involved in operating and maintaining an Advanced Winder Advisor system on a rewind line. This training will enable the user to optimize, maintain and troubleshoot this system and run the winder at its maximum capacity. 

AMETEK Surface Vision Remote SmartView® AWA Training (EN)Training topics:

  • Configuring the ink marker
  • Marking locations on process line
  • Understanding synchronization marks
  • Tracking the web edge
  • Positioning of material on rewinder
  • Setting up winder control setup
  • Optimising full, slow and crawl speeds
  • Detecting synchronization marks
  • Verifying synchronization marks
  • Loading inspection file
  • Selecting defects
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimizing capacity
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