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Nonwovens Construction
Nonwovens play an important role in keeping buildings dry and insulated, from foundations and flooring to providing waterproof roof under-slating. Durable and stable, they offer a high-performance, cost-effective solution.

Robust and tear-resistant, the versatile qualities of nonwovens lend themselves to a variety of construction applications, principally acting as barriers against heat, moisture, and unfiltered air. 

Polymeric housewraps are often used to increase energy efficiency and control moisture, while waterproof membranes provide a solution for both pitched and flat roofing. Plaster board facings deliver heat and sound insulation.

AMETEK Surface Vision provides trusted, proven defect detection and classification systems to the nonwoven manufacturing industry. Our scalable monitoring installations inspect more than a billion square meters of nonwoven material every day. Companies across the world guarantee their quality with our real-time solutions.
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    • Nonwovens Chemical Bonded
      Chemical Bonded

      Binders can be laid onto the web surface to join the fibers together chemically. This may result in surface blemishes, and so needs careful inspection.

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    • Nonwovens Composites

      Composite nonwovens combine a mixture of fibers and plastics to form a specialized fabric. This requires surface monitoring to ensure the different components form a uniform surface.

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    • Nonwovens Thermal Bonded
      Thermal Bonded

      Webs of synthetic fibers are bonded together by heat, often applied by heated rolling. An automated inspection system will detect any surface defects from this production process.

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    • Nonwovens  Thru-air Bonded
      Thru-air Bonded

      Fibers can be spun into a web by directed, heated air through a continuous process. Manual inspection can be difficult at this stage, so an accurate automated solution is required.

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