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Inspection Stacking

Inspection Stacking analyzes inspection data stored in a SmartView® database for process defects introduced during the final processing step.
  • Overview +

    A data analysis software package, Inspection Stacking identifies and maps the locations of machine-induced defects from the last stage of processing
    Last-stage defects may be subtle or occur rarely, so are difficult to uncover. Inspection Stacking delivers statistics over a larger number of coils, making it easy to identify clusters of machine-induced defects.

    Inspection Stacking aligns sets of coils according to a process impact (e.g. proximity to drive side edge or center line) and overlays them. Machine-induced defects are clearly identifiable through this stacking.

    The Inspection Stacking application is ideal for quality control in rolling production processes across a range of industries, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens.

    Inspection Stacking is AMETEK Surface Vision’s analysis and mapping software for detection of machine-induced process defects – Find out more by contacting us.