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SmartAdvisor® is a simple, reliable monitoring and inspection solution that maximizes machine efficiency and yield rates. Designed for today’s hands-on problem solver, it delivers significant benefits within weeks.

A versatile, easy-to-use vision system, SmartAdvisor® provides high-speed, multi-dimensional video monitoring and process analysis to a range of industries. Within minutes of start-up it boosts machine efficiencies, finds defects, and detects process upsets.
  • AMETEK Surface Vision - Smart Advisor® - Surface Monitoring
    SmartAdvisor® - Surface Monitoring

    Using patented camera synchronization technology, SmartAdvisor® simplifies the monitoring and analysis of surface images across a continuous production process.

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  • AMETEK Surface Vision - Smart Advisor® - Process Monitoring
    SmartAdvisor® - Process Monitoring

    A convenient, single-screen display allows users to review process issues by synchronizing images from multiple cameras. This reduces analysis time, detecting the root cause of process problems more quickly.

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  • AMETEK Surface Vision - Smart Advisor® - Process Inspection
    SmartAdvisor® - Process Inspection

    Strategically placed, synchronized, high-speed cameras positioned at every stage of the process, allow process upsets to be accurately tracked to their source within 1/24th of a second accuracy.

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  • AMETEK Surface Vision - Smart Advisor® - Edge Monitoring
    SmartAdvisor® - Edge Monitoring

    SmartAdvisor® ’s edge monitoring capabilities allow magnification, capture, storage and high-resolution visualization of product edges.

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  • AMETEK Surface Vision - SmartAdvisor Additions

    Flexible and fully scalable, SmartAdvisor® offers a range of additions to fit a variety of production and quality requirements.

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