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Surface quality is essential to paper production for all purposes. Imperfections can affect printing or make tearing more likely. A reliable, automated surface inspection system is critical to effective quality control.

Paper is comparatively fragile to produce, and processing lines can be prone to defects and web breaks. Automated inspection delivers improvements in product quality – reducing waste – and helps to maximize yields.

A highly versatile material, paper has many uses, including books, magazines, newsprint, letters, artworking and packaging. It can also be used for banknotes, cleaning and construction applications.

Based on years of experience in the paper industry, AMETEK Surface Vision provides customized, modular solutions for paper producers around the world. Our expert knowledge ensures the right mix of lighting, cameras and other hardware for accurate real-time inspection. Advanced detection and classification software ensure unparalleled, automatic identification and visualization of defects.

AMETEK Surface Vision - Paper Solutions BrochureBROCHURE - PAPER SOLUTIONS
AMETEK Surface Vision helps paper, packaging and tissue manufacturers meet their production challenges with fully integrated web inspection and monitoring solutions that boost efficiency and improve quality. Setting the highest standard for web inspection and monitoring in the paper industry, we have been successfully inspecting various grades of paper for more than 20 years.
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SmartView Paper - Mitsubishi Hitec Paper EuropeCASE STUDY
Web monitoring and inspection on a high-speed paper coating line
Customer: Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH -
Industry: Paper
Products(s): SmartView® 

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