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The plastics industry provides an enormous range of flexible-use products across a variety of applications. These all demand high-quality surfaces delivered at fast production speeds.

Expectations for both yield and quality are increasing in the plastics sector, which means manufacturers cannot afford to make inferior products. High-precision, automated quality control is essential to meet customer requirements.

The processes for producing plastics are similar across many segments. A flexible, customizable solution ensures that quality control is delivered in a way tailored to the desired final product.

AMETEK Surface Vision products are used extensively in the plastic industry, inspecting millions of meters of plastic and film every day. Backed by more than a decade of experience in the industry, our plastics web inspection solutions help reduce overall operational costs and optimizes processes.

Manufacturers of plastics are continually challenged to increase their product yields, improve quality standards and deliver a defect-free product to the customer while maintaining rapid production speeds. AMETEK Surface Vision helps the plastics market to meet these production challenges with fully integrated web inspection and monitoring solutions that boost efficiency and improve quality.
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  • Plastics Electrical

    Plastics play a key role in the electrical industry, and are used for device casings, sockets, enclosures and wiring components. The safety standards involved require a high level of quality control.

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  • Plastics Optical

    With mobile phone use increasing in particular, the role of plastic in optical screens is a key application. This requires very high-quality surfaces, making precision monitoring essential.

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  • Plastics Packaging

    Because of its flexibility, plastic has a wide-ranging role in packaging. This often fulfils a cosmetic role as well as a functional one, requiring a good consistent standard of product.

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  • Plastics Other

    Plastics are enormously adaptable to many different applications. These uses typically require minimal defects and optimized yields. Automated surface inspection can support these requirements.

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