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Surface/Web Quality Monitoring (SQM/WQM)

SmartView® Surface Quality Monitoring (SQM) and Web Quality Monitoring (WQM) provide powerful analytical tools for measuring quality characteristics of given materials.
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    (SQM/WQM)The SQM package delivers advanced analysis of the surface quality characteristics of any material. WQM provides the same high-performance quality assessments for web formation in nonwoven materials.

    SQM can evaluate almost any surface property, using overall surface texture analysis and reporting in real time. This enables process changes to be made to protect product quality, reducing waste.

    SQM and WQM both work in the same way, looking at an area of the material and comparing that with what it is supposed to look like, or how it has looked in the past. Results are reported in real-time, using configurable, easily understood terms.

    Designed to operate with SmartView® systems inspecting almost any surface, SQM is used in the paper, aluminum, copper, steel and plastics industries, while WQM is specifically optimized for the nonwovens industry.

    SQM and WQM use advanced image-processing technology to automatically sort material image samples. In this way the system learns and remembers what different quality levels look like, producing an automatic quality assessment report.
    WQM provides real-time evaluation of nonwoven web formation for the first time. It can also predict the post-processing properties of the product. Its revolutionary web quality monitoring capabilities enable web producers to minimize cost and maximize price. 
    Not only is the user interface available in a wide range of languages, SQM and WQM are also configurable to use customer-preferred quality descriptions. For example, material can be labeled from Poor to Outstanding, or assessed on a 1-10 scale
    SQM and WQM are AMETEK Surface Vision’s quality monitoring analysis solutions for surface and web inspections – Find out more by contacting us.