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Differential Plating Marks (DPM)

Designed for inspection systems in various industries, Differential Plating Marks (DPM) offers real-time processing and validation of marks by the SmartView web inspection system during production.
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    Differential Plating Marks
    Differential plating marks are thin, parallel down-web lines used to indicate the type of material produced. AMETEK Surface Vision’s DPM system provides the functionality to handle and validate these marks without overloading the inspection system.

    Because they mark the material surface, DPMs are normally detected and classified by the inspection system, adding an extra workload that reduces overall performance. DPM handling recognizes the marks and handles them appropriately, maintaining performance.

    DPM enables each camera to compare the percentage of lines located with a user-defined threshold. It also tracks objects to correctly classify defects in the DPM mask regions, and can display DPMs as an overlay in SmartView’s web viewer.

    DPM is specifically designed to provide rapid processing and validation of differential plating marks across a range of industries, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics and nonwovens

    DPM is AMETEK Surface Vision’s processing solution for handling differential plating marks on material surfaces – Find out more by contacting us.