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Steel Hot
To reduce the thickness of steel to the desired level, it is heated and rolled. This softens the steel, so makes it more vulnerable to surface defects and blemishes.

Heated metal sticking to the roller can damage the surface of the steel throughout the continuous process. This makes early detection of defects essential to prevent waste product.

An automated monitoring solution at the hot strip mill phase of the process allows surface flaws to be detected without compromising the roller speed or putting personnel at risk.

With extensive experience in the metals industry, AMETEK Surface Vision delivers accurate, automated surface inspection solutions in difficult process environments. These systems are trusted by industry professionals around the world to rapidly detect defects in continuous processes while maintaining line speeds.
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    • Steel Hot Strip Mill
      Hot Strip Mill

      Steel is rolled at high temperature to reduce its thickness to a thinner, uniform level. The rollers may introduce surface defects to the steel, so monitoring is essential for quality control.

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