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A range of additional upgrades and enhancements extends the functionality of SmartView® systems.

The SmartView system structure allows for the integration of a range of extra upgrades which expand its inspection and analysis capacities.

Delivering a scalable, adaptable solution, SmartView Additions allow operators to add only the extra capabilities they need, creating a tailored inspection and analysis suite that perfectly meets the demands of their process.

Each upgrade is designed to seamlessly integrate with SmartView systems, making it easy to scale up in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

The wide range of extras available for the SmartView system include solutions for the paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics and nonwovens industries.

AMETEK Surface Vision’s SmartView system can be expanded by these enhancements:

  • Smart_Viewer_AWA_Listings_Menu
    Advanced Winder Advisor (AWA)

    Designed for paper inspection systems, the Advanced Winder Advisor (AWA) integrates into SmartView systems to ensure defect removal while increasing winder throughput.

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  • Smart_Viewer_Automatic_Light_Control_Listings_Menu
    Automatic Light Control

    Designed for SmartView® LED light systems, the Automatic Light Control adjusts light intensity based on set recipes or feedback from the camera inspection system.

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  • Smart_Viewer_Coil_Grading_Listings_Menu
    Coil Grading

    AMETEK Surface Vision’s Coil Grading solution performs grading for each coil or mult at the slitter, providing defect data for grading purposes.

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  • Smart_Viewer_Control_advisor_Menu
    Differential Plating Marks (DPM)

    Designed for inspection systems in various industries, Differential Plating Marks (DPM) offers real-time processing and validation of marks by the SmartView web inspection system during production.

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  • Smart_Viewer_Inspection_Stacking_Listings_Menu
    Inspection Stacking

    Inspection Stacking analyzes inspection data stored in a SmartView® database for process defects introduced during the final processing step.

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  • Smart_Viewer_Line_Synch_Listings_Menu
    Line Synchronization

    Line Synchronization combines image streams from two different cameras to create a composite image of difficult-to-identify defects from different perspectives.

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  • Parallel Classification
    Parallel Classification

    Parallel Classification enables up to four alternate classifiers to be run on an inspection file, checking if the different classifiers improve the identification of surface defects.

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  • PPM
    Parts Per Million (PPM)

    The Parts Per Million (PPM) function is a data display quality index that expresses defect area as a ratio of the total product area.

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  • Smart_Viewer_Production_Quality_Advisor_Listings_Menu
    Production Quality Advisor (PQA)

    The Production Quality Advisor (PQA) is a powerful software suite providing data analysis and display tools for current and historical production quality data from surface inspection system archives.

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  • Smart_Viewer_SQM_WQM_Listings_Menu
    Surface/Web Quality Monitoring (SQM/WQM)

    SmartView® Surface Quality Monitoring (SQM) and Web Quality Monitoring (WQM) provide powerful analytical tools for measuring quality characteristics of given materials.

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  • Smart_Viewer_Streaming_Video_Listings_Menu
    Streaming Video (SVO)

    SmartView® Streaming Video delivers unmatched visualization of a strip surface in real-time. It also records the entire coil for future viewing, with display tools for more detailed inspection at any point.

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  • Smart_Viewer_SSM_Listings_Menu
    System Status Monitoring (SSM)

    SmartView® System Status Monitoring (SSM) logs and tracks the overall system status without the need of OPC or other third-party software packages.

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  • Smart_Viewer_WM_Listings_Menu
    Width Monitoring (WM)

    Width Monitoring (WM) provides SmartView® systems with the functionality to continuously compare detected width measurements to user-defined tolerances and expectations.

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