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Additional enhancements and upgrades provide expanded capabilities to smooth integration of SmartAdvisor® systems into varying processes.

A scalable system, SmartAdvisor offers the facility to expand its functionality with fully integrated upgrades such as OPC, speed inputs, digital inputs and outputs, reporting, etc.

SmartAdvisor customers can select the enhancements that they need for their process, delivering a customizable solution that meets individual process requirements without the need for expensive components that are unnecessary.

Because one solution configuration does not fit all production processes, AMETEK Surface Vision has created diverse solutions that integrate seamlessly with SmartAdvisor systems, to suit different production and quality demands.

The range of additions available for the SmartAdvisor system include solutions for the paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens industries.

SmartAdvisor’s configurations options ensure that a specific process’ requirements are met.
SmartAdvisor’s modular design allows for existing systems to evolve by adding more cameras and functionality as needed.
AMETEK Surface Vision’s SmartAdvisor system can be enhanced by a range of extras – Find out more by contacting us
  • SmartAdvisor SmartSync Integration
    SmartSync SmartView® Integration

    SmartSync is AMETEK Surface Vision’s solution to integrate the camera synchronization and matrix technology of SmartAdvisor® with the defect classification and linescan technology of SmartView®..

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