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Parts Per Million (PPM)

The PPM display shows the parts per million calculation, the calculation with a correction factor (visual index), and the total number of defects used in the calculation. Totals are given for the first row and each height interval.
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    Parts Per Million
    PPM provides a real-time calculation of defect density during inspection, for easy visualization in table and graph formats. The defect classes used are user-specified for use in quality control applications.

    Defect classes are specified in the Classifier Manager. In the Recipe Manager, the views where the calculation will be applied is selected, and calculation details specified. PPM data is then calculated while the inspection is running.

    The PPM function is designed to operate with SmartView systems in a wide range of industries, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics and nonwovens.
    PPM is AMETEK Surface Vision’s quality index application for viewing defect area as a ratio of the total product area – Find out more by contacting us.