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Automatic Light Control

Designed for SmartView® LED light systems, the Automatic Light Control adjusts light intensity based on set recipes or feedback from the camera inspection system.
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    Automatic Light Control
    Automatic Light Control provides software supervision of illumination levels by delivering more or less power to the LEDs, according to settings related to the system recipe or camera signal feedback.

    Default light levels can be set based on the surface reflections of the inspected material, or their thickness or grades, ensuring consistent lighting for inspection throughout the process.

    The default level may be set per recipe, as a percentage of the full light level. Alternatively, one camera per view can be set up to automatically control the light level based on the camera’s raw signal level.

    Automatic Light Control is suitable for a range of industries, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens, and is particularly useful for applications where material surface reflections may vary, leading to changing light levels.

    Automatic Light Control is AMETEK Surface Vision’s light intensity adjustment system for SmartView LEDs – Find out more by contacting us.