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AMETEK Surface Vision provides surface inspection systems  that are relied upon by almost every major flat-rolled metal products producer around the world. Many key applications in the aluminum industry depend on these solutions for quality control.

Aluminum strip products require high-quality surface finish with minimal defects. Many applications require smooth, blemish-free aluminum, and customers will reject unsatisfactory products, adversely affecting supplier reputation.

Our flexible, modular systems deliver a customized solution for a wide range of aluminum processes. Whether the metal is cut, shaped, rolled or coated, our systems deliver accurate, reliable surface inspection.

With more than two decades of expertise in supplying solutions to the metals industry, AMETEK Surface Vision offers the most trusted surface inspection systems for aluminum production applications. These high-precision systems monitor every stage of the continuous process, surveying each side of the metal and the edges.

Metal manufacturers face ever-increasing demands to improve quality, increase productivity and create certified defect-free products, especially from end-user markets such as the automotive and aerospace industries. This makes a flexible, customizable surface inspection solution essential when optimizing quality and yield.

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SmartView Metals - Laminazione Sottile Case Study ENInspecting rolled aluminum products to meet customer quality specifications

Customer: Laminazione Sottile S.p.A -
Industry: Aluminum
Products(s): SmartView®

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SmartView Metals - Italcoat Case Study ENImproving productivity while reducing quality claims
Customer: Italcoat S.r.l. -
Industry: Aluminum
Products(s): SmartView®

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Hulamin Case StudySemi-fabricator adopts zero tolerance production at Hulamin, South Africa
Customer: Hulamin -
Industry: Aluminum
Products(s): SmartView®

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  • Aluminum Hot

    Aluminum ingots or slabs are heated prior to being rolled to plate thickness in a reversing breakdown mill. Further hot rolling operations are required to produce strip. This operation can affect surface condition, as heated metal can stick to the rollers, causing blemishes.

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  • Aluminum Cold

    Cold rolling reduces hot rolled strip to its finished thickness whilst producing a smoother surface finish.

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  • Aluminum Coating

    There are many options for coating aluminum, including anodizing, liquid paint and powder coatings. These all require a defect-free surface for complete smoothness, while creating their own risk of surface blemishes.

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  • Aluminum Converting

    Aluminum sheets and coils often need to be cut into smaller sheets or slit to create more narrow coils. This can cause surface or edge damage to the metal.

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  • Aluminum Round

    Shaping aluminum into a round product is key to many applications, particularly architecture and aerospace. It requires close monitoring to ensure a smooth surface while the billet is shaped.

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