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Read some of the comments our customers have said about AMETEK Surface Vision and how our products, applications and training programs have benefited their businesses.

Italcoat S.r.l. -

“The SmartView system’s modular nature allowed Italcoat to quickly install it for immediate quality advantages, while allowing for control integration options in the future.”

Italcoat S.r.l“We were fully satisfied with the commissioning and ongoing support from AMETEK Surface Vision. We were also impressed by the skills and experience of their senior project management team to provide effective support remotely"

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Samuel Nelson Steel -

“The additional insight provided by the system is really helping us accurately identify defects."

Samuel Nelson Technology"We spoke to several steel processors with existing automated inspection systems, as well as some of our customers who were also investigating surface inspection. We worked with them to understand what they were looking for, noting all the pros and cons of the various systems.

“After working through them all, we ended up selecting AMETEK Surface Vision’s SmartView® system for several reasons. We were happy with the clarity of the images, the classification accuracy of the defects, and the fact that the side light location was less likely to be hit by strip. Overall, we liked the capabilities AMETEK SurfaceVision provided compared to some of  the competitor systems."

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Sekisui Voltek, LLC -

Sekisui Voltek, LLC“The SmartView Administrator training was extraordinary, and I’ve used what I’ve learned every day since going to training."

"I would say the best aspect of the training was how hands-on and practical the lessons and labs were. It is one thing to read out of a book or watch a presentation but going through the detailed labs gave me a level of familiarity with the SmartView systems that made it easier to learn and understand. When I returned back to work following the training, I felt like I really understood the systems well and was ready to work with them, which is because of how hands-on the labs and training in general were. In all, I thought it was an excellent week of training, and would like to thank you for being so informative and helpful.” 


Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH -

Mitsubishi Hitec Paper Europe
“The integrated web inspection and web monitoring system from AMETEK Surface Vision was clearly the right choice for us."

"With this new system, we are able to meet the highly demanding quality requirements of the thermal paper market, delivering defect-free material to our customers."

“The SmartView system has provided excellent defect detection to minimize our customer quality claims, while SmartAdvisor has improved our production process and maintenance interventions. Web breaks are reduced by 5-10% compared with the previous system.

“The commissioning services supplied by AMETEK Surface Vision have been very good, and we’ve received excellent on-going support from senior engineers. They’ve provided a fast, highly competent response, and all the questions that arose were easily solved by phone or remote connection.”

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Sofia Med -

Sofia Med
“The benefits of SmartView were immediately visible on installation."

"The illumination method installed on the cleaning line is giving us reliable results as for similar installations on the deflection rolls. The open web inspection for copper allows us to inspect the defects before dispatching coils to different slitting lines – enabling one inspection for multiple slitting lines.”

“The adaptive thresholding and optical setup suggested by our AMETEK Surface Vision Field Engineer was based on an educated understanding of metal mill practices. Combined with the service helpdesk, the support we have gained has allowed us to operate a reliable detection system that is specific to our needs.”

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Hulamin -

"The SmartView system has exceeded our expectations. Its real-time information has proved invaluable for problem solving. By eliminating the reliance on post-production physical strip inspection, we were able to overcome our most significant hurdles."

"For example, on-line inspection allows us to monitor and troubleshoot our strip in mid production, so the hot rolling mill can now be stopped after the second coil – because the process demands that the mill has to finish the existing coil and the next coil, which is already prepared – removing the sub-standard coil from the process at an early stage,”

“Now integrated into our production process, troubleshooting and efficiency are at the heart of our operations. This neatly positions us to produce more-demanding products.” 

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Glatfelter“Following our installation of the AMETEK solution, detection was immediate, with no major difficulties. AMETEK Surface Vision reached our expectations, with 99% of all failures being detected."

"The individual system setting options are a further benefit. After the first installation on the PM11 in the year 2008, we now have all our paper machines PM9 and PM10 equipped. We are currently installing another system (Advanced Winder) on our PM10 - BU10 Unwinder."

"We would highly recommend AMETEK Surface Vision.”