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Width Monitoring (WM)

Width Monitoring (WM) provides SmartView® systems with the functionality to continuously compare detected width measurements to user-defined tolerances and expectations.
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    Width Monitoring
    Comparing product width to configured tolerances, WM provides continuous automated monitoring, alerting operators to any deviation from expected limits.

    WM delivers an automated monitoring solution for continuous processes, detecting products which fall outside of pre-set measurements, and generating warning pop-ups and monitoring reports.

    Relying on accurate camera systems and reliable edge tracking for measurements, WM displays real-time readings and provides a visual alert when widths fall outside of the tolerances set by operators.

    WM provides a continuous, real-time monitoring solution ideal for applications in the paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens industries.

    Width Monitoring is AMETEK Surface Vision’s solution providing measurement tolerance control for rolling processes – Find out more by contacting us.