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Aluminum Coating
There are many options for coating aluminum, including anodizing, liquid paint and powder coatings. These all require a defect-free surface for complete smoothness, while creating their own risk of surface blemishes.

AMETEK Surface Vision’s inspection solutions can help ensure that the metal substrate is smooth enough for coating applications, and provides monitoring along the coating process for rapid identification of problems.

Aluminum can be coated for protection against environmental conditions or for cosmetic purposes. It can also be used as a plate in printing applications from traditional lithography to computer-to-plate presses.

With decades of applications experience, AMETEK Surface Vision provides powerful defect detection, classification and visualization systems that are trusted by aluminum manufacturers worldwide.
  • Applications +

    • Aluminum Coated Aluminum CTP
      Coated Aluminum - CTP

      Aluminum is a common material for computer to plate (CTP) press applications. Since many reproductions may be made from each plate, a defect-free surface is essential.

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    • Aluminum Coil

      Aluminum coil is widely used in many industries. Rapid defect detection is important during coiling, as is complete coil visibility, which eliminates the need to manually unwind coils for inspection.

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    • Aluminum Color Coating
      Color Coating

      Color coating lines are long and involve several stages from cleaning and treating to coating and hardening. Automated inspection systems are essential to ensuring high surface quality of the final product.

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    • Aluminum Litho Cleaning
      Litho Cleaning

      A clean, grease-free litho plate is essential to plate preparation in lithography. AMETEK Surface Vision’s inspection solutions can spot even small imperfections, enhancing surface quality for accurate printing.

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