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SmartSync SmartView® Integration

SmartSync is AMETEK Surface Vision’s solution to integrate the camera synchronization and matrix technology of SmartAdvisor® with the defect classification and linescan technology of SmartView®.
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    SmartSync SmartView Integration
    SmartSync seamlessly brings together the advantages of the SmartAdvisor® and SmartView® systems for a fully integrated solution that combines the benefits of both.

    SmartAdvisor - MultiviewerSmartSync customers gain the multi-camera video monitoring power of SmartAdvisor’s synchronized system along with the flexibility and proven quality of SmartView’s industry-leading surface inspection solution.

    SmartView’s advanced classification can be configured to trigger an event capture across multiple SmartAdvisor data points on the production line. These results allow rapid analysis to determine the root cause of defects and process upsets.

    Suitable for any industrial user who wishes to make use of the advantages offered by both the SmartAdvisor and SmartView systems, SmartSync is ideal for use in the paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens industries.

    SmartSync is AMETEK Surface Vision’s solution for seamless integration of the SmartView and SmartAdvisor systems – Find out more by contacting us.
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