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Classroom Training

AMETEK Surface Vision Classroom Training
The classroom based Administrator Training curriculum has been carefully designed to develop your technical capabilities effectively.

Minimize downtime and build a higher level of product and system knowledge with a targeted training course that will help you get the most out of your SmartView® and SmartAdvisor®

If you have recently purchased a  system, Administrator Training will enable you and your staff to achieve the highest possible return on investment. If on the other hand, you have an established system, administrator training will enable you to get added benefit from your system or train new employees. Once completed, you will learn how to set up, inspect live production, report on defects and process conditions, and visualize the entire product.

Classes are scheduled throughout the year. In general, there is a class every quarter. System Administrator classes are held in the following locations:

  • Hayward, CA, United States
  • Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Shanghai, China

Spaces on facility courses are limited, so advance registration is essential to reserve your place.

SmartView System Administrator Training 

SmartView Administrator Course BrochureWho should attend? 

  • Process engineers
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Technicians
  • Project managers

Training topics:

  • Introduction to SmartView
  • Operator Console
  • Configuration Manager
  • Classifier Manager(SmartLearn®)
  • Recipie Manager
  • Report Manager
  • Production Quality Advisor (PQA)

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SmartAdvisor System Administrator Training

SmartAdvisor Administrator Course BrochureWho should attend?

  • Process engineers
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Operators
  • Technicians
  • Project engineers

Training topics:

  • Introduction to SmartAdvisor
  • Web Monitoring Functions
  • Web Inspection / Video Analysis
  • Maintenance / Troubleshooting
  • Upgrade Strategies for Legacy Equipment
  • Defect Classification
  • System Tuning
  • Using the Laptop Client
  • SmartAdvisor Web Inspection System Integration

Download the course brochure

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