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Line Synchronization

Line Synchronization combines image streams from two different cameras to create a composite image of difficult-to-identify defects from different perspectives.
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    Line Synchronization
    A software package for SmartView® inspection systems, Line Synchronization uses two separate image streams from cameras viewing the same line to make defect detection and classification easier.

    Some defects are difficult to properly detect from one angle. By merging perspectives, the software ensures that defects are properly classified as such through the composite image.

    Using two camera views on the line across the web at different perspectives allows the illuminated material to be viewed slightly differently. This allows partial defects to be considered as a single integrated object for classification purposes.

    Line Synchronization supports a high level of quality control in rolling processes across a range of industries including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens production.

    Line Synchronization is AMETEK Surface Vision’s software solution for dual-perspective analysis of defects, improving classification – Find out more by contacting us.