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Copper Converting
For some applications, copper sheets and coils need to be cut into smaller sheets or slit to create more narrow coils. This can cause surface or edge damage to the metal.

The cutting process creates new edges which may have imperfections. These defects may damage the downstream process, or result in substandard product reaching the customer, so are often trimmed for a smoother finish.

Monitoring the metal at the edge trimmer helps ensure that edge defects are removed and that no new blemishes are introduced by the trimming process.

With extensive experience in the metals industry, AMETEK Surface Vision delivers innovative edge monitoring solutions for copper cutting applications. These are supported by trusted surface inspection systems for high-quality products.
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    • Copper Edge Trimmer
      Edge Trimmer

      Edge trimming is intended to remove impurities and defects from the edge of the metal strips. AMETEK Surface Vision’s system monitors the metal edge to ensure defect removal.

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