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Aluminum Hot
Aluminum ingots or slabs are heated prior to being rolled to plate thickness in a reversing breakdown mill. Further hot rolling operations are required to produce strip. This operation can affect surface condition, as heated metal can stick to the rollers, causing blemishes.

Metal on the roller and other rolling mill issues can damage the surface of the aluminum throughout this continuous process. This makes early detection of defects essential to prevent waste product.

An automated monitoring solution at the hot strip mill phase of the process allows surface flaws to be detected without compromising the rolling speed or putting personnel at risk.

AMETEK Surface Vision has extensive experience in the metals industry, delivering accurate, automated inspection solutions in difficult process environments. These systems are trusted globally to rapidly detect defects in continuous processes while maintaining line speeds.
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    • Aluminum Hot Strip Mill
      Hot Strip Mill

      Hot rolling is a critical step in ensuring aluminum sheet is high quality. During hot rolling stages from the breakdown of the slab to plate thickness on to the finishing mill where strip coils are produced

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