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Hot Strip Mill

Hot rolling is a critical step in ensuring a uniform aluminum sheet. Surface inspection here delivers the earliest detection of the imperfections that can result in a substandard final product.

Rolling temperatures influence the appearance and structure of the metal. Lower hot-rolling levels produce a brighter surface, while higher temperatures recrystallize the metal. Too much heat can weaken the metal and cause grain boundary cracking.

Hot rolling in the strip mill welds the pores left by the casting process, creating a denser, stronger metal. It also transforms brittle metal into a more ductile form that allows for a greater internal metal flow.

As hot rolling affects the surface, an inspection monitoring system is critical. It can verify that casting pores are removed and assess surface quality, while ensuring that roller flaws are not transferred to the metal strip. For example, if molten metal cools, it can stick to the roller and impact the strip as it passes through the process.
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