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The surface quality of lithographic plates is central to ensuring accurate print reproduction. A monitoring system with AMETEK Surface Vision’s expert classification can distinguish between lithographic marks and surface defects.

Uniform thickness and surface quality are critical properties in producing lithographic plates which meet customer expectations. Cold rolling can provide these qualities, but an accurate surface inspection solution is required to support consistent product quality.

In aluminum-based lithography, the image is made of a polymer coating applied to an aluminum plate. This allows direct printing from the plate, or offset printing by first transferring the image onto a flexible sheet. Both of these methods can be affected by surface defects on the aluminum.

The cold-rolling process used to create a high-quality surface finish is very fast, with typical line speeds of between 5-6,000 feet (1525-1830m) per minute. To monitor surfaces and ensure defect-free production, a real-time automated system provides an effective solution without slowing production speeds.
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