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Aluminum billets are produced ready for extrusion into other products. Surface defects may damage the press prior to heating, potentially shutting down the extrusion process entirely.

An aluminum billet, or solid block, is the raw material of the extrusion process. It is heated, pushed into a die and then extruded to the correct shape. Surface defects or flawed edges can cause damage to the die over time if they are not detected and removed.

Billets are typically produced as smooth cylinders. They are heated before use to soften the metal for extrusion. However, if this heating is insufficient and undetected surface flaws exist, the die could be damaged and may even create an expensive process stoppage.

Monitoring the curved surface of the billet requires an expert, intelligent solution backed by extensive application knowledge. This ensures billets do not enter the die with damaging defects, and do not cause surface blemishes to other billets during storage.
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