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System Status Monitoring (SSM)

SmartView® System Status Monitoring (SSM) logs and tracks the overall system status without the need of OPC or other third-party software packages.
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    System Status Monitoring
    The SSM software monitors system statuses, creating a hierarchical display which provides a simple overview and makes it easy to find individual items quickly. Watch items are configurable, enabling easy export and analysis.

    Visualizing the SmartView® system status in a user-friendly way, SSM enables the logging and trending of user-defined system status items, ranging from individual cameras to higher-level networks.

    A multi-component software package, SSM collects and manages status information on the server, and provides data from another computer within the configuration, retrieving and displaying system information for operators. 

    SmartView SSM provides user-friendly logging and trending for configurable system status items, and is ideal for use in the paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens industries.

    System Status Monitoring (SSM) is AMETEK Surface Vision’s monitoring software for data logging and trending of the overall system status – Find out more by contacting us.