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SmartAdvisor® - Process Inspection

SmartAdvisor Process Inspection
SmartAdvisor® Process Inspection is a reliable multi-camera synchronization solution for identifying and resolving the root cause of process upsets
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    Using AMETEK Surface Vision’s patented camera synchronization technology, SmartAdvisor® Process Inspection simplifies the viewing and analysis of upsets, and their root cause, across continuous production processes.

    Combining multiple synchronized cameras with powerful classification software, SmartAdvisor Process Inspection examines every step of the process to rapidly determine the root cause of defects and upsets. This increases machine efficiency and reduces waste.

    SmartAdvisor’s technology acquires and stores high-resolution images from multiple cameras within the process. Video analysis software backed by powerful classification algorithms enable operators to spot upsets and track defects back to their point of origin.

    A real-time video-based root cause analysis solution, SmartAdvisor is used in continuous production processes across a range of industries worldwide, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens.


    With SmartAdvisor® Process Inspection, operators can see a reduction in video search time of over 50%. Advanced camera synchronization technology combined with powerful, easy-to-use software makes searching fast and simple.

    AMETEK Surface Vision’s classification tools make it quick and easy to build rule sets for classifying defects. SmartTags software adds an extra layer of defect description for improved analytical capability.

    A diverse range of SmartAdvisor solutions provide customizable systems to fit individual production and quality requirements. This ensures the most capable, cost-effective installation is available for each user.
    SmartAdvisor® Process Inspection is AMETEK Surface Vision’s synchronized camera system for root cause analysis of process defects – Find out more by contacting us.

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