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Coil Grading

AMETEK Surface Vision’s Coil Grading solution performs grading for each coil or mult at the slitter, providing defect data for grading purposes.
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    Coil Grading
    Part of the comprehensive SmartView® solution for slit inspection, the Coil Grading software grades each coil or mult on the slitter line, producing quality reports for each.

    With defect and gauging measurements available via a real-time, intuitive graphical user interface, operators are able to create quality reports for each coil or mult. These can be shared or archived for complaint/claim resolution as required.

    The data is collected by SmartView’s Slit Inspection system, which delivers high-resolution mapping of each coil or mult.

    Coil Grading is a key addition for the Slit Inspection system, and is used by operators in the aluminum, copper, steel, paper, plastics and nonwovens industries.

    Coil Grading is AMETEK Surface Vision’s software package for coil or multi quality reporting – Find out more by contacting us.