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AMETEK Surface Vision’s surface inspection systems overcome the challenges of the battery production process to deliver reliable, highly sensitive defect inspection, with streaming high-definition video that allows re-inspection without re-coiling.

Battery technology is expanding rapidly. Since problems and defects cannot be completely ruled out during production, surface inspection technology is essential to check the material, improve the quality and reduce customer claims. 

Our turnkey systems deliver accurate real-time surface inspection and monitoring for applications including lithium-ion battery cell electrodes, separators, solid-state batteries, and fuel cell components.

Based around the SmartView® platform, AMETEK Surface Vision’s customizable, modular inspection system suits individual applications, with advanced LED illumination, highly sensitive line scan cameras, data capture computers and associated process control equipment, with powerful algorithms for detection and classification.


With the growing global movement towards renewable energy, and the need to find alternative power sources to fossil fuels, electric-powered vehicles are increasingly in demand.This, in turn, has led to a rapidly rising demand for high-quality electric battery cells to power these vehicles. To ensure a high-grade battery, defect-free separators and high-quality electrodes are required. 

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  • Electrode Inspection
    Electrode Inspection

    Our inspection solutions help ensure that the coated electrode materials for cathodes and anodes meet the necessary energy efficiency, storage density, and safety requirements for high-performance, failure-free operation.

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  • Separator Inspection
    Separator Inspection

    A high-quality separator prevents electrodes from short-circuiting and significantly improves the speed and the lifetime of a battery. Our machine vision solution has been created to detect and classify separator defects.

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  • Solid State Battery
    Solid State Batteries

    Our surface inspection systems can be installed across the solid-state battery production process to detect a range of defects on a variety of materials and components.

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  • Fuel Cell Technology
    Batteries Fuel Cells

    Hydrogen-based fuel cells are clean, reliable, and efficient energy sources. Our inspection systems deliver highly accurate defect detection for polymer-based fuel cell components

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