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Advanced Winder Advisor (AWA)

Designed for paper inspection systems, the Advanced Winder Advisor (AWA) integrates into SmartView® systems to ensure defect removal while increasing winder throughput.
  • Overview +

    The AWA enables automatic stops at the exact location of a detected defect. This allows immediate resynchronization after a web break or sheet splicing.

    With the enhanced stopping accuracy of the AWA, winder operations are more efficient, and defects are dealt with more quickly. This increases production speed and overall product yield.

    The AWA uses a simple interface link to automatically stop the winder at each defect. Precision synchronization marks correlate to the exact sheet position – these are read by SmartView cameras on the winder, allowing absolute stopping accuracy within centimeters.

    The AWA is a precision marking solution specifically designed for SmartView systems operating in the paper industry.

    The AWA is AMETEK Surface Vision’s patented technology for increasing the efficiency of winder operations – Find out more by contacting us.