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Streaming Video (SVO)

SmartView® Streaming Video delivers unmatched visualization of a strip surface in real-time. It also records the entire coil for future viewing, with display tools for more detailed inspection at any point. 
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    Streaming Video
    Streaming Video (SVO)
    Working seamlessly with SmartView® inspection systems, SmartView® Streaming Video provides photo-quality visualizations of continuous products are they are manufactured, producing a single, high-definition, continuous image.

    SmartView Streaming Video extends the capabilities of SmartView inspection systems to a new level, enabling high-resolution views of any spot on the strip, and the facility to conduct virtual recoiling of any coil.

    Display tools like zoom, pause, rewind, slow motion and fast-forward allow detailed viewing of any coil location. Continuous video display of both sides of the entire strip provides easy visual verification of surface quality.

    Extending both the surface inspection and quality monitoring functionality of SmartView systems, SmartView Streaming Video is ideal for use in the paperaluminum, copper, steel, plastics and nonwovens industries.

    Displaying the actual, continuous image being analyzed by the SmartView Web and Surface Inspection system, Streaming Video allows quick detection of process changes or production problems affecting surface quality. This means corrective action can be taken immediately.
    Tightly integrated to the surface inspection system, Streaming Video enables defects to be bookmarked into the recorded video for easy location, both automatically and manually. This makes it easy to search the record later for detected problems.

    Streaming Video creates a visualization of the entire coil and process conditions during production. This provides a record for future reference and analysis, allowing easy, real-time study and debugging.
    SmartView Streaming Video is AMETEK Surface Vision’s unsurpassed viewing solution for strip surfaces – Find out more by contacting us.