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SmartAdvisor® - Process Monitoring

SmartAdvisor - Process Monitoring
SmartAdvisor® Process Monitoring provides a single-screen view unifying the data from multiple cameras spanning the entire process.
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    An industry-leading video monitoring system, SmartAdvisor® Process Monitoring finds defects and upsets across the process, from root cause to failure.

    Single-screen analysis from several cameras reduces the troubleshooting time, which means the causes of process problems can be detected more quickly. Corrective action can therefore be taken rapidly, reducing waste.

    SmartAdvisor Process Monitoring captures high-resolution images from multiple cameras along a production line or web process. It provides video software tools to troubleshoot issues, analyze problems and enable immediate action to be taken.

    Delivering video-based process monitoring to manufacturers worldwide, SmartAdvisor is used across a range of industries, including paper, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, and nonwovens.

    The convenient display allows the operator to view image feeds from several cameras at the same time, on one screen. This enables safe monitoring across many process locations, without the risk of missing something while switching between views.

    AMETEK Surface Vision’s industry-leading inspection and classification algorithms are backed by more than 20 years of engineering experience. They allow easy operation to deliver required monitoring precision and accuracy.

    A diverse range of SmartAdvisor solutions provide customizable systems to fit individual production and quality requirements. This ensures the most capable, cost-effective installation is available for each user.
    SmartAdvisor Process Monitoring is AMETEK Surface Vision’s unified multi-camera viewing system for continuous processes – Find out more by contacting us.

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