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A high proportion of steel is continuously cast and rolled into flat plate or strip which is finish rolled or coated for applications requiring a high-quality surface finish typified by the automotive industry standards for exposed panels. 

AMETEK Surface Vision provides surface inspection systems that are relied upon by almost every major flat-rolled strip producer around the world. Many key processes in the steel industry depend on these systems for quality control. 

Our flexible, modular systems deliver customized solutions for a wide range of surface inspection applications. We inspect at every key stage during the production process to ensure the final product meets the highest standards required by industries such as automotive, packaging or construction. 

AMETEK Surface Vision supplies the most trusted surface inspection systems for steel production applications, with more than two decades of expertise in supplying solutions to the metals industries. We work closely with our customers whilst developing new products and technology to meet ever changing needs, making sure we set the standard for this industry.

Metal manufacturers face ever-increasing demands to improve quality, increase productivity and create certified defect free products, especially from end-user markets such as the automotive and aerospace industries. This makes a flexible, customizable surface inspection solution essential when optimizing quality and yield.

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  • Steel Hot

    Hot rolling of slabs to produce coils can affect the surface quality of the steel being produced. AMETEK Surface Vision’s inspection solutions help identify defects during this process, maintaining product quality.

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  • Steel Cold

    After hot rolling, steel coils are often pickled to remove surface scale and then cold rolled to the required final thickness and surface finish. AMETEK Surface Vision solutions ensure surface quality is achieved.

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  • Steel Coating

    Hot or cold rolled strip is often coated for added corrosion resistance or aesthetic purposes. We detect irregularities or coating defects during the coil coating process for metallic & non-metallic coatings.

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  • Steel Converting

    Finishing processes like slitting & cutting to length, divide coils into customer specified orders of slit coils or cut sheets. Dividing steel coils into the correct size & shape requires a monitoring solution.

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  • Steel Other

    Steel is used in a range of applications, requiring high standard surface and edge quality with minimal defects. Our systems provide high speed, high-precision automated inspection solutions.

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