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Steel production requires high-quality surfaces with minimal defects. Many applications require smooth, blemish-free steel, and customers will reject unsatisfactory products, adversely affecting supplier reputation.

AMETEK Surface Vision provides surface inspection installations that are relied upon by almost every major flat-rolled metal products producer around the world. Many key applications in the steel industry depend on these solutions for quality control.

Our flexible, modular systems deliver a customized solution for a wide range of steel production processes. Whether the metal is cut, shaped, rolled or coated, our systems provide accurate surface inspections.

AMETEK Surface Vision supplies the most trusted surface inspection systems for steel production applications, with more than three decades of expertise in supplying solutions to the metals industries. These systems deliver high-precision monitoring at every stage of the continuous process, surveying each side of the metal and the edges.

Metal manufacturers face ever-increasing demands to improve quality, increase productivity and create certified defect free products, especially from end-user markets such as the automotive and aerospace industries. This makes a flexible, customizable surface inspection solution essential when optimizing quality and yield.

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  • Steel Coating

    A coating material can be applied onto a rolled steel strip. AMETEK Surface Vision has solutions to detect surface irregularities or defects prior to, or during, the continuous coating process.

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  • Steel Cold

    Cold rolling is typically used to produce a smoother surface than hot rolling, and is often used for thinner products. Our defect detection solutions are key to ensuring surface quality.

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  • Steel Converting

    Converting steel to the correct size and shape requires a monitoring solution that can inspect both sides of the metal, and detect edge defects. AMETEK Surface Vision provides the systems for this application.

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  • Steel Hot

    Hot rolling can affect the surface quality of the steel being produced. AMETEK Surface Vision’s inspection solutions help identify defects during this process, maintaining product quality.

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  • Steel Other

    Steel is used in a wide range of applications, often requiring a high standard of surface quality and minimal edge defects. Our systems provide high-precision automated inspection for many key segments.

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